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Date:01 January 2018
Duration:2:25 Min
Dis Like:108
User:yiyus zhang

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The video titled 【18湖南卫视跨年】jc陈咏桐:说散就散 has been published on youtube on the date 01 January 2018 with a long duration reaching 2:25 Minute. Until now, video 【18湖南卫视跨年】jc陈咏桐:说散就散 have gotten 217,273 times views on youtube, and that is a great achievement. As many as 588 people have liked the video 【18湖南卫视跨年】JC陈咏桐:说散就散. even so, video 【18湖南卫视跨年】JC陈咏桐:说散就散 also get a negative rating in the form of 108 unlike. Video 【18湖南卫视跨年】jc陈咏桐:说散就散 uploaded by management yiyus zhang

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